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Leading Transformation Lab™

Leaders today increasing demands from a variety of stakeholders. The challenge is to figure out a way to create value for all the key stakeholders without taking from one to serve another. Pressures from stakeholders combined with increasing competition and advances in technology provide many dilemmas but many opportunities for the organization designer. We must get beyond the attitude of a zero-sum game and self-serving silos and create organizations with systems and cultures of service. In other words, we need leaders who can design organizations that create value for multiple stakeholders.

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Management Design Lab™

Leaders today face many challenges that require the design or redesign of organizational structures, systems, and processes to achieve and sustain high performance. Organizations are human created entities and as such are imperfect. They were designed, consciously or unconsciously, by humans and consequently, can be redesigned by humans. Organization system redesign is a common strategy deployment activity.

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Leadership and Organization Assessments help you diagnose your current situation and focus your improvement efforts on the areas that will have the greatest impact on the journey to sustainable excellence. Assessments are also useful for validating progress toward sustainable excellence. We offer two self-assessment instruments, one for leadership and one for the overall organization transformation.

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