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Leading Transformation Lab™

“Successful leaders in the future will have to become architects of enduring organizations by designing systems that create sustainable results for multiple stakeholders” (Latham, 2012). Leaders today face increasing demands from a variety of stakeholders. The challenge is to figure out a way to create value for all the key stakeholders without taking from one to serve another. Your current organization was designed by humans (consciously or unconsciously) and can be purposefully designed or redesigned to produce even greater value for the multiple stakeholders. As Gandhi proposed, in order to effectively leading organization transformation “you must become the change you want to see in the organization.” Only then will you be credible.

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Management Design Lab™

“Whoever pursues a business in this world must have a system. A business which has attained success without a system does not exist. From ministers and generals down to the hundreds of craftsmen, every one of them has a system. The craftsmen employ the ruler to make a square and the compass to make a circle. All of them, both skilled and unskilled, use this system. The skilled may at times accomplish a circle and a square by their own dexterity. But with a system, even the unskilled may achieve the same result, though dexterity they have none. Hence, every craftsman possesses a system as a model. Now, if we govern the empire, or a large state, without a system as a model, are we not even less intelligent than a common craftsman?” Mo-Tze (a.k.a. Miscius), 500 BCE.

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Self-Assessments help you diagnose your current situation and focus your improvement efforts on the areas that will have the greatest impact on the journey to sustainable excellence. The Leading Transformation Lab™ includes two self-assessment instruments, one for organization transformation and one for leadership. Both Self-Assessments were originally based on research with CEOs who led successful organization transformations resulting in recognition as a recipient of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. The instruments have been further developed and refined to reflect the additional dimensions and details of the key leadership system and style concepts found in the Leadership & Design Blueprint and the [Re]Create Book.

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