Reaching your organization’s full potential, demands organization and managerial systems that are custom tailored to your unique situation. Best practices from other companies, consultants, and business books often work, yet they seldom achieve the high levels of performance possible with a custom “bespoke” solution.

  • Design Process

    The design framework guides you through the Discovery, Design, Development, Deployment, and Iterate (D4 + I) process using a flexible approach for designing or redesigning any organization system, process, or practice.

  • Flexible Framework

    While the framework components are presented in sequence, the actual use of the framework is often an iterative “back and forth” give and take between the individual components. The first eight “discovery” components provide a “springboard” to the creative design process.

  • The Guide

    This 65-page eBook (PDF) is an introduction to all the key elements of the award-winning Design Framework including the 8-step Discovery process and the Design, Development, Deployment, and Iterate phases. The book is based on both experience and research on organization and management system design.

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Empathy Maps
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