Empathy_Maps_3D_99Understanding stakeholders’ needs, wants, and desires is the key to creating stakeholder value and sustainable excellence. There are at least six key stakeholder groups for any organization including investors, customers, employees, supplier partners, society, and the natural environment. Each group has unique needs, wants, and desires.

  • What is Empathy?

    Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings, thoughts, and attitudes of another person. So how do you gain a deeper understanding of your stakeholders? 

  • Key to Creating Value

    One tool that has proven useful for a variety of situations is the empathy map. It is THE key to creating value for multiple stakeholders.

  • Why this Guide?

    This brief facilitator’s guide provides the information you need to start working with your stakeholders to develop your own empathy maps.

Empathy Maps

Empathy Maps
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