The design or redesign of organizational systems requires leaders become “architects” of their organizations. Leader as organization designer demands a special kind of leadership that consists of specific leadership activities and behaviors combined with individual leader characteristics.

  • Leading Organization [Re]Design and [Re]Building

    Leaders use these activities, behaviors, and characteristics to effectively leverage the forces and facilitators of change to transform their organization systems, people, and culture.

  • Setting the Example

    Transforming the organization requires you as a leader “set the example” and develop your own leadership system and authentic style.

  • The Guide

    This 84-page eBook (PDF) is based on a combination of experience working with senior leaders to design and redesign organizations and research on CEOs who led successful organization transformations that created sustainable results for multiple stakeholders. The book describes the key elements of the award-winning Leadership Framework and provides an introduction to the “BIG” picture. 

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Empathy Maps
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